Why Your Business Needs A Customer Advocacy Program

Amplifies your marketing efforts

Amplifies your inbound and content marketing efforts

social media reach grows organically

Your social media reach grows organically (no ads necessary)

credible and trustworthy

Customer advocacy makes you credible and trustworthy

easy two-way communication

Emphasizes easy two-way communication between the brand and the customer

online reputation

Managing your online reputation is suddenly pretty easy

costs a fraction of what you’re spending

It costs a fraction of what you’re spending on other marketing gimmicks

Are you getting tired of chasing your revenue targets every single day?
How about stretching your budgets until they are almost ready to burst?
Social, copy, content production, SEO, e-mail: digital marketing has turned into a neverending list of money-sucking activities that are bleeding your business dry.

And, you’re still doing it, even though you are getting little in return in terms of leads and sales. In fact, your sales are nothing to write home about, are they? If you’re in that situation, you’re in the same boat as thousands of other companies.

It’s time you take a step back and reassess the situation. Can you think of a strategy that has been the staple of marketing for more than one hundred years? One strategy that you can turn to right now and have hundreds of customers banging down your door?

You’ve guessed it - it’s customer advocacy!

Customer advocacy is an effective solution to almost all of your marketing problems. At its core, it’s about turning your customers into a tribe - they become unpaid salespeople whose job it is to spread the word about your brand far and wide, using every tool at their disposal. This includes review sites, social media, word of mouth, referral schemes, and more.

user-generated content converts 25% better

On average, user-generated content converts 25% better than anything a brand puts out.

positive word of mouth

Up to 50% of purchases are a result of positive word of mouth.

2 times more sales than paid advertising

Customer-to-customer WoM brings in 2X more sales than paid advertising.

We have a boatload of stats like these, but you probably get the picture, right? Not having a customer advocacy program in your marketing mix means spending money you shouldn’t be spending, on strategies that are not bringing home the bacon.

How Ambassify Helps You Reach Your Marketing Goals Through Customer Advocacy

Collect user-generated content & cut content production costs 10X
Ambassify has several modules aimed specifically at collecting user-generated content, ranging from social and review campaigns to running blog post submission and photo contests. Not only is UGC cheaper, it also converts better than anything brands put out.

Increase your social reach & engagement 3X while spending less
Ambassify allows you to create tailored campaigns aimed at getting more page likes, social shares, tweets, or group joins. Design a stellar post and then reach out to your advocates to help you amplify the message. After that, it’s just a matter of watching those engagement metrics soar!

Cash in on the credibility of your superfans and close more B2B deals
it’s particularly difficult to close a B2B sale - the buyers are knowledgeable, risk-averse, and don’t trust anything you have to say. They do, however, trust their peers and colleagues. Use Ambassify’s reference module to collect and update references from current customers, and make them available to your sales teams through SalesForce integration.

Get consistent feedback and ideas straight from your customers
communication is a two-way street with Ambassify. Our platform allows you to solicit feedback and ideas from your advocates, either through simple forms or specific tasks, such as ideation campaigns or product sampling campaigns.

Deal with unfavorable comments and reviews fast and easy
Ambassify’s targeted social campaigns allow you to drown out negative comments and reviews. Create one with just a few clicks and point your army of superfans to Facebook, Twitter, or review sites, where they will share their personal and inspiring stories about your brand.

Ambassify won’t break your marketing budget. In fact, it will help you save money by making customer advocacy initiatives streamlined and efficient.

You’re then free to invest those savings into things that really matter, like developing new products and services, improving existing ones, and exploring new market opportunities.

With customer advocacy, you get to save more than your marketing dollars:

Reduced support costs

Reduced support costs

Headcount savings

Headcount savings

Eliminating the cost of third-party research

Eliminating the cost of third-party research

Product testing and quality assurance become cheaper

Product testing and quality assurance become cheaper

Find Out More About Ambassify’s Features and the Platform’s Powerful Analytics Suite

If you’re ready to stop throwing good money after bad chasing every new digital marketing fad, revisit the basics and let your satisfied customers do the work for you.

Ambassify will help you find, nurture and manage your consumer advocates, allowing you to easily empower them to do great things for your brand.

Don’t waste another moment - supercharge your marketing with a well-guided customer advocacy campaign, and use Ambassify to effortlessly coordinate hundreds of consumer advocates. To make things easier for you, we’ve prepared a detailed Customer Advocacy Gameplan. Download it now, follow the steps, and watch your revenues soar!