Employer Branding - 7 Tips For Building A Company People Want To Work For

By Pieter Moens on December 11, 2018

As important as the war for each and every customer is today, companies are becoming increasingly aware that there’s an equally important battle underway on the market - a battle for great employees. Without them, their war for customers is all but lost. Great, driven employees are essential[...]

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NVIDIA’s Super Advocates 5X More Engaged Than Regular Fans

By Koen Stevens on October 04, 2018

NVIDIA, one of the world’s largest graphics cards manufacturers, reached out to us in December of 2016, looking to activate its social media fans on the German market, and build a core group of advocates who would participate in various challenges aimed at promoting the brand. Although their[...]

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Brand Advocates VS. Influencers - Who Wins In the Long Run?

By Silke Holsbeek on October 06, 2017

Although often intertwined in the minds of marketers, the terms ‘brand advocate’ and ‘brand influencer’ have several distinct differences that make both strategies very unique.

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The ideal life cycle of an exclusive advocacy community

By Koen Stevens on February 21, 2017

Have you ever made a purchase recommended by a friend? Maybe it was a helpful nudge to stick with your decision on a new iPhone. Or perhaps you were persuaded to cross over to Android territory? Many of these choices rely on the trust we give to people around us.

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3 Steps To Build An Advocate Community

By Jorgen Evens on November 08, 2016

Are you trying to create an army of advocates to represent your brand? Are you looking for creative new ways to interact with these advocates? Building a community is an awesome way to engage your most loyal followers.

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Start a Customer Movement Like MVMT

By Koen Stevens on July 21, 2016

Companies hitting it big through crowd funding, those are our modern day Cinderella stories. MVMT watches is one of these customer movement fairytales. It began in 2013 when two college dropouts pursued their dream to sell design and high-quality watches at affordable prices. Their initial [...]

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How Big is Your Dedication to Pokemon Go?

By Koen Stevens on July 18, 2016

Summer time in the office is a struggle. The sun is shining and our social media feed is full of people jumping in pools. Currently, we're still working hard on expanding our product and when things get too heated we let off some steam by playing foosball. Business as usual, until a wild[...]

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Why you should choose an advocate community instead of a Facebook group

By Pieter Moens on April 14, 2016

Has your company ever thought about creating an online space where customers, employees and partners share engaging content? The goal of a sharing community can be interesting for your brand. It enables like-minded people to contribute to your companies word-of-mouth marketing.Initially, you[...]

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How brand advocates optimize your Snapchat and Instagram marketing

By Pieter Moens on April 01, 2016

Snapchat is the odd little brother out of all major social media networks these days. Popular mostly among the younger generation, it reaches a 100 million active daily users.

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