5 Inspiring Brand Advocacy Campaign Examples You Can Learn From Today

By Damian Keane on October 19, 2020

What’s the most underutilized marketing strategy in the B2B (and, to an extent, the B2C) world? 

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5 Bulletproof Ways to Collect Stellar Customer Reviews (#4 is a Review-Making Machine)

By Damian Keane on September 01, 2020

In an online-first marketplace, positive online reviews are a brand’s bread and butter. As potential customers, we trust them more than anything an organisation puts out, and we check them almost obsessively before all major (and even minor) purchases.

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Customer Advocacy - Your Guide to Uncovering, Nurturing & Leveraging Brand Evangelists

By Damian Keane on August 10, 2020

In today’s world of cluttered brand communications, customer advocacy and word-of-mouth recommendations have a vice-like grip on our subconscious minds and help shape (and sometimes trigger) our purchasing decisions. 

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Next-Gen Customer Advocacy: Read our interview with ANA

By Pieter Moens on March 14, 2019

B2B companies increasingly are rethinking advocacy programs to fuel business growth 

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Customer References In the Age of Advocacy - It’s All About Relationships (and Common Sense)

By Koen Stevens on April 30, 2018

A customer reference is defined as a ‘positive story that customers can share about your product or service; a story that has the power to create demand, impact sales, or close borderline deals’. References can be written - testimonials are a good example - but, for the purposes of this post,[...]

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6 Tactics That Turn Your One-Off Customers Into Loyal Brand Advocates

By Pieter Moens on March 23, 2018

Getting new customers through the door is both expensive and exhausting in every industry. However, it’s especially difficult if your offer public cloud solutions - SaaS, PaaS, IaaS; although all of those industries are growing at an amazing pace, you’re still dealing with a limited (but[...]

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Customer Referral Program - A Cheap, Easy Way To Generate Qualified Leads and Grow Your Bottom Line

By Pieter Moens on February 23, 2018

Customer referrals sell.

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Tracking Advocacy Marketing Results & Rewarding Your Brand Advocates

By Koen Stevens on September 18, 2017

Going through the painstaking process of identifying and onboarding your brand advocates means absolutely nothing if you can’t measure the impact those advocates have on your bottom line.

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How to Set Advocacy Marketing Goals & Activate Brand Advocates

By Wim Mostmans on August 09, 2017

In this post, we will dive deeply into the nitty-gritty of advocacy marketing - relationship-building and goal-setting. By now, you’re already familiar with the basics - why advocacy marketing is important and where you can find your superfans, customers willing to go that extra mile because[...]

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3 Steps To Build An Advocate Community

By Jorgen Evens on November 08, 2016

Are you trying to create an army of advocates to represent your brand? Are you looking for creative new ways to interact with these advocates? Building a community is an awesome way to engage your most loyal followers.

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