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Press Release - JBC and Ambassify join forces

Press Release - JBC and Ambassify join forces

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We're proud to announce that JBC is now joining Ambassify in its journey to employee advocacy!

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We're proud and excited to announce that JBC is the latest company to join the ever-growing list of Ambassify clients!

As one of the largest clothing retailers in Belgium, JBC has built a stellar reputation based on high-quality clothing and excellent customer service. Like the world's top brands, they realize that creating an excellent environment for employees is key to business success, and with that in mind, JBC has chosen Ambassify to power their Employee Engagement strategy.


JBC was the first major Belgian retailer to close its stores, on its own initiative, in order to protect its employees and customers, together with their families.

Since the foundation of the Limburg family business, JBC has been close to its employees and customers and it attaches great importance to their well-being. Now more than ever the company wants to emphasize this approach again, by working out a process with Ambassify to guide, motivate and inform all its employees, as well as keeping them involved with the company.

The fact that JBC is now investing in its employees is in line with the
values of humanity and decency that they have always upheld - doing business with respect for the people and the environment.

We are very excited to help them get started on this journey!

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