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  1. What is employee engagement and why it is important

    Employee Engagement: a Puzzle Worth Solving

    What is employee engagement?

  2. employees as brand advocates

    Your Guide on How to Turn Your Employees into Brand Advocates

    It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about complex SaaS solutions for invoicing and book-keeping,...

  3. why is employer branding important

    Why Is Employer Branding Important

    In a candidate-driven labor market, the way potential employees perceive you as an employer can...

  4. employee reward and recognition ideas for employee engagement employee satisfaction

    10 Reward Ideas to Show Appreciation to Your Employees

    It’s no secret that a lot of employees don’t feel appreciated at their current job. The thing is,...

  5. 3 Ways Internal Communications Can Drive Employee Engagement & Advocacy

    3 Ways Internal Communications Can Drive Employee Engagement

    The conversation about the engagement of the workforce has been getting louder. At Ambassify, we’re...

  6. Statistics Every Manager should know about internal communications

    15 Internal Communications Stats

    The world of internal communications is nuanced and layered — and it’s constantly evolving. But,...

  7. employee advocacy statistics

    20 Employee Advocacy Statistics That Will Inspire You

    Employee advocacy statistics show that companies are dramatically redefining their employees’ role...

  8. employee brand advocacy

    How to Boost Engagement and Sales with Employee Brand Advoacy

    Here’s the thing, people believe people — they don’t want to hear from your corporate accounts....

  9. the definitive guide to employee engagement for managers and CEOs

    The Definitive Guide to Employee Engagement

    This employee engagement guide will teach you:

  10. Employee Engagement ideas to keep employees motivated

    7 Employee Engagement Ideas You Can Implement Today

    Employee engagement  is a term that’s on everyone’s lips, from top executives to HR specialists....