Customer Advocacy - Your Guide to Uncovering, Nurturing & Leveraging Brand Evangelists

August 10, 2020
by Damian Keane

In today’s world of cluttered brand communications, customer advocacy and word-of-mouth recommendations have a vice-like grip on our subconscious minds and help shape (and sometimes trigger) our purchasing decisions. 

Here’s a short (and just a slightly weird) personal story that demonstrates this awesome power of brand advocacy… just in case you’re a skeptic.

A few months back, I bought a pair of overpriced running shoes. Purple running shoes. The guy in the store smiled apologetically, saying they were the only ones in my size. That was cool, I said, whipping out my credit card.

Now, the slightly weird part is that I don’t run. It’s not my type of exercise (except that one unfortunate time when I was chased by a particularly aggressive poodle).

So why did I end up paying close to 200 euro for something I probably wouldn’t use?

I did it because my colleague (and friend) Senne could not shut up about this brand for a month. During team Zoom calls (and even during the happy hour at the pub), he would harp on about ‘the best running shoes’ he’s ever tried out — how they mould the insert on your foot in the store… how the shoes are super cosy and fit like a glove… how they’re almost weightless…

So on a boring Thursday afternoon, I decided I’ll drive to the store, try them out, and maybe force myself to start running because I needed to get a bit more exercise into my weekly routine.

Now you’re wondering: did I start running?

Nope, the shoes did nothing to magically turn me into  Usain Bolt (I wore them twice — a slight jog bordering on a stroll both times).  BUT… the experience did teach me a whole lot about the power of advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing.

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Now think of all the times you’ve spent your hard-earned money? How many times did a recommendation from a friend, a colleague, or a total stranger (online reviews, anyone?) influence your decision?

The purpose of this guide you’re about to download (and spend half an hour reading), is to  awaken you to the incredible sales and brand-building power of brand advocates— the power of correctly and consistently leveraging your Senne-level customers and superfans, and using them to:

  • raise awareness of your brand both online and offline;
  • create an army of efficient spokespeople and salespeople;
  • grow your bottom line while cutting back on paid advertising

"A committed brand advocate is almost like an evangelist — and they’re worth their weight in gold. They’re an essential component of brand-building and marketing and sales, especially now when people trust each other way more than they trust brands"

Koen Stevens, CEO Ambassify

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Advocacy”

Imagine having just 15 customer advocates that are as passionate about what you do as Senne is passionate about that brand? Or 50 who are slightly less passionate but still as loud and vocal as a chatty parrot? Or — imagine it — hundreds who are half as passionate but willing to put in a good word for your brand when the opportunity arises?

How much would those customers be worth to you?

I’ll tell you how much — 10X more than what they spend with you. And especially if you can harness their goodwill and direct it towards those actions that will benefit your brand the most — social media reach, referrals, references, or content.

That’s because customers are reluctant to trust brands today — according to an Edelman Brand Trust Survey, most of those who do business with you don’t put much stock into your messaging… they don’t trust brands, but they do trust other people, especially their peers.

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In this customer advocacy guide, you will learn:

  • What customer (or brand) advocacy is, and who are brand advocates;
  • What goes into building a brand that people want to talk about all the time;
  • What are the benefits of customer advocacy (& how they help you grow your business);
  • What marketing goals can advocacy help you achieve (with little to no cost);
  • How to set up and run a lean and efficient advocacy program;
  • How to identify and reward your brand advocates (hint: swag is rarely the answer);
  • How to measure the success of your advocacy program (using meaningful metrics).

Now, I’ll be honest with you — this guide to customer advocacy is a bit of a long read (27 minutes...or 50 minutes, if you’re reading it out loud). 

BUT… it’s jam-packed with breakthrough information that you won’t easily find anywhere else (it’s practically "ungoogleable!").

What this means is that you’ll have the upper hand on your competition: brand advocacy — a new effective marketing tool that doesn’t cost much, is easy to set up, and actually works.


Download Ambassify’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Advocacy, and start transforming your best customers into brand advocates. Work with them to easily and quickly expand your social media reach, cut advertising costs, and create new revenue streams!


Download “The Ultimate Guide to Customer Advocacy”

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