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  1. is your employee advocacy program successful

    Is your employee advocacy program successful?

    At the start

    The number of employees who accept the invitation to join the program is an indicator...

  2. reward management strategy

    Overcoming reward management hesitations

    Adding a layer of gamification and rewards to your employee advocacy program is a great way to...

  3. Koen Stevens

    Share Your Brain: ReBoot edition

    The growing importance of Employer Branding

    Different experts shared their insights and...

  4. Gamification & Rewards

    Let's Talk about Gamification & Rewards

    Recognizing your employees' efforts

    Let’s start with the basic principle. We often say that...

  5. How to increase employee engagement and motivate employees

    How to Increase Engagement among your Ambassadors

    Not too long ago, during our latest Share Your Brain Session, the Customer Success Team had the...