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Product Focus: Go beyond Social Sharing

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When it comes to building initial engagement with employees, or launching an Employee Advocacy program, a lot of companies begin with a social sharing strategy. But what happens after you have success with this? 

This isn't to suggest there's anything wrong with solely focusing on a social sharing strategy to begin with! Many of our own customers have started out doing just that, and have then moved on to more intricate strategies where social sharing is just one part of the puzzle in generating meaningful engagement with their workforce and running successful Employee Advocacy strategies.

As we're continually adding new features to our platform, we figured it would be a good moment to look at how a lot of these features tie together and how you can utilize them to do so much more than social sharing. 

So let's dig in!

Aggregated third-party/industry-relevant content

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Your employees want to be able to share not only company related content, but also interesting content related to the broader market and position themselves as experts in their field. Presenting your employees with a mixture of company content with third-party industry-related content is the ideal way to help them to succeed.

Ambassify collects the industry-relevant third-party content from around the web, based on the industry topics and languages you select, and presents this to your employees to share on their own social channels in combination with your own branded content.

Integrate social media channels


If you're utilizing Ambassify as an administrator, you want to spend time on your advocacy program in the most efficient way possible. This is why linking up your company’s social media accounts and RSS feeds (f.e. blog, news, or vacancy page) within Ambassify will allow you to kick-start easy automated campaigns and have more time to spend on planning creative campaigns.

Community or landing pages


Flexibility is something we all appreciate from time to time, and you'll find your ability to distribute content a lot easier with the flexible options available in Ambassify. There'll be occasions where you'll want to aim some campaigns at the enthusiastic members of your workforce via your Ambassify community, and other campaigns to a wider audience via landing pages that are visible to the public.

Sharing of multiple media types


Depending on your own preferences, you can distribute various different media types directly in the feed of your advocates. For example, you can share video or image content directly in the feed of various social media channels, including WhatsApp. No more extra clicks to YouTube to view that company video! We also have a specific “interact with file” campaign that distributes your media content files directly with your audience.

Generate real engagement, not just impressions


Whilst competitors will focus on impressions, Ambassify focuses on generating real engagement. Your administrators can view data on who really shares your content, interacts with it, and where they engage with it. Our Verified Share tool allows you to have greater visibility over the whole process from the second you press publish, so you can be sure the numbers you’re seeing in your dashboard are the real thing.

Multiple distribution methods

image-10We’ll help you tailor your content distribution to suit your employee’s preferences. So whether your focus in desktop or a mobile-first approach, you can utilize push notifications, text/mobile messages, email digests, in-mail sharing, and many more smart options to keep your employees informed about your latest campaigns to optimize your engagement strategy.

And we're continuing with even more this year!

There are some very exciting new features coming in 2021, with many new innovative features planned and, as we've hinted to previously, even easier user experience and streamlined campaign creation that cater even better to your needs. So keep your eyes peeled for more announcements soon!