Customer Video Testimonials Provide Rich Content and Attracts New Sales

Online shoppers today are more aware of making potential purchases. They spend as much time researching their purchase as they do its cost. Providing customer video testimonials as a feature lets online businesses establish a dependable level of trust with consumers. These video testimonials help to display the use of the product... […]

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Video Analytics – How it Can Work For You

Videos has effectively changed the face of the internet. Uploading videos online, regardless if it is business-related or pleasure-inspired, can make any person, entity, or organization popular overnight. Now that videos are regarded as the most viral things over the internet, it is time to discover how exactly can video analytics will... […]

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Event marketing: User Generated Content to drive traffic & engagement

It’s summertime and the festival season in Belgium is attracting thousands of visitors every week! Everywhere you go there’s something going on… Last week Santana played at Werchter Classics, this weekend you can go and see Pink Floyd, and next week the city of Ghent turns into one big festival... […]

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Seven steps for online musical fans building

Little known bands use Internet to build up online fans […]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Conversion Tools

Conversion Tools as Online Marketing, Getting More and More Useful […]

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