Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine, the corniest period of the year where brands and customers share their love with each other. And we, at BuboBox, we love to participate by spreading your love. Digitally and personalised. […]

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Hunt down your price hunters

A lot has been said and written about click farms and even individuals who basically make it their job to look for online opportunities to join contests and create fake social buzz. […]

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Facebook, much more than hitting the “Like”-button

Social Media is everywhere in our daily life.  Companies are  doing amazing stuff on Social Media and if you’re not on Social Media as a company nowadays, it takes quite a big effort to catch up. […]

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Let’s get this campaign started!

BuboBox offers you the tools to create custom campaigns, without any technical knowledge. But how do you get started with BuboBox? In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to create your first custom campaign in just a few basic steps. […]

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Your ambassadors, a strong tool for Facebook advertising

Ambassify helps you to identify the genuine ambassadors of your brand, but what to do with them once they are identified? […]

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We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!