Video Marketing and Professionally Produced Marketing Provide a One-Two Punch

Glitzy, polished advertising campaigns have evolved many a backroom dream into a global necessity. The most astute advertisers, however, also give proper credence to the power that is harnessed through favorable world-of-mouth. […]

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Making A Professional Impact: User-Generated Video Testimonials

User-generated video testimonials have come a long way from the rough and ready Youtube content that initially created public awareness of authentic and self-motivated marketing. Proof of their ubiquity is clear to fans of Community, who will remember that some episodes end with Leonard giving his report on “Eugenios Four-Cheese Frozen Pizza” or “Let’s Potato... […]

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Avoid Misperceptions: Use Customer Video Testimonials

Your customer leaves a review saying “This product is bad” with no stars, no further information.  Do they mean this product is BAD, in a good way?  Or do they mean, this product IS bad.  You know, by seeing that they ordered 10 more of the same, that they loved... […]

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Video Testimonials That Rock

Video testimonials are fast becoming the most effective way to reach your target audience. If done correctly, a video testimonial can increase customer base and conversion rates threefold. To be successful, however, there are a few considerations to keep in mind throughout the production. […]

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Customer engagement brings crucial information

Do you know how well your business is doing when it comes to customer experience? […]

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We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!