“Why VW” Campaign To Rely On User-Generated Video Testimonials

Forbes magazine recently reported on a new campaign launched by Volkswagen of America that focuses on user-generated video testimonials. […]

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Increase Conversions – How Believable Is Your Copy?

Suppose you have a great product and you’re getting traffic to your website, but your conversions aren’t what you were expecting… […]

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What is Gamification?

Do you sometimes feel like it’s hard to keep up with rapidly-changing technology; that your 10-year-old understands this stuff better than you do? Are you wondering what works, and how you can apply it to your business? […]

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Brand Campaigns Educate Your Customer about Your Most Prized Intangible Asset

Much effort is spent outlining the best manner by which to define your company’s brand, but an equally essential question pertains to the necessity of a brand campaign. […]

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5 Ways Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Via Videos Can Work For You

Word-of-mouth marketing is not a new concept, but it is just now sinking its feet into the Internet-marketing world. Also known as WOM market, this style has the ability to develop a customer base that trusts you and really wants your product. Here are five ways WOM marketing can work for... […]

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