Use video testimonials to hook top talent

Business owners spend a lot of time and resources attempting to create a positive reputation when it comes to clients and potential new business. But what about employees? Does it matter what your people think of you? It should. Companies like Yelp have made small businesses think harder about how... […]

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Computerizing word-of-mouth marketing

Social media has become a new buzzword in business and advertising, and if you own a business the chances are good that you’re either seriously thinking about or are already using social media in your marketing plan.  But is social media something new that only appeared after the internet became... […]

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Let Customer Video Testimonials Do The Talking

Direct customer referrals are always a powerful way to build a business. Taking this principle a step further, customer video testimonials have become one of the more successful methods in word-of-mouth marketing. Video recomendations from satisfied customers can generate more business than those of written reviews. The reason for this is that... […]

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User-Generated Content is a Call to Action for Millenials

The younger generation (Millenials) was raised on social media, interactivity, and the latest-and-greatest technological advances. So when they consider making a purchase, they value user-generated content (UGC) as a primary source of information, according to a January 2012 survey from Bazaarvoice.  […]

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Get Customers Engaged: Include Video Testimonials in Emails

Right now, the United States is experiencing a recession, and customers are a commodity. They are not only a commodity because of their limited funds. Customers are distracted. They use multiple devices and multiple apps. Television, Facebook, Radio, Twitter, Smartphone, Pinterest, IPad, and various games are vying for their attention.... […]

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