User-Generated Video Reviews Provide Content and Awareness

Marketing can be a challenge. Even well-established brands with a large base of customers know that it can be tough to reach new markets, and even tougher to constantly create new marketing content. According to eMarketer and research performed by content curation platform Curata, “The biggest challenge for content marketing as a... […]

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Got $30 million? Save it. Why the most effective brand ambassadors don’t cost a cent

Are famous stars true ambassadors? […]

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User-generated content adds value

User-generated content is gaining traction in the world of online marketing.  Using video as a part of your marketing strategy makes good sense:  client testimonials are powerful business building tools, and independently added user-generated content is even more valuable.  When your client is willing to create a video testimonial to speak to others... […]

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Capturing social proof through online Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

You can find the presentation about online word-of-mouth marketing below or on Slideshare.  Koen gave it at the Digital Marketing First conference a few weeks ago.   […]

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Top Three Tips for Effectively Raising Your Brand Awareness Through Video

Every marketing professional knows the importance of brand awareness. Successfully holding your position in the marketplace is contingent on your customers associating your brand with the product or service they want.  Over the last decade video has become a top tool for marketers.  How can you make your video stand out... […]

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We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!