Brand Awareness + Customer Video Testimony = Intriqued Consumers

Your company’s personality and culture set you apart from your competition. Potential customers are sure to become loyal fans if you are able to effectively communicate those factors that set you above the rest. It’s up to your marketing strategies to communicate that unique brand to the world. Brand awareness can be... […]

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Video Testimonials for your Nonprofit

The online experience is changing. More and more, people are watching and listening to video, rather than simply reading written words on the screen. You can use this to your advantage by including video testimonials on your nonprofit’s site.  […]

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Brand Ambassadors Build Trust with Potential Customers

Marketing is a paramount concern for any business. All of your dedication to crafting your goods and services for the public will be for not if you cannot connect that product with your intended public. Today’s companies must be exceptionally creative in the manners in which they engage their potential... […]

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5 Beneficial Ways to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

Many businesses are now using social media marketing as a powerful way to achieve success. With the variety of social media growing, using them as a means of marketing can become confusing. Twitter is one of the fastest growing types of social media with over 100 million users and counting. Below are... […]

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Social Media Marketing: Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

People love their smartphones, tablets and laptops. They love having the world at their fingertips. They also love social media. When making a purchase decision, customers will post request for recommendations on social media. Why not proactively put your business where your customers are? […]

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We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!