Fan Engagement – Kid Gamers Going Viral and Why You Should be Paying Attention

If you have ever heard of the online gamer commentary slash comedian Toby, you might have a range of emotions from annoyed to highly amused. Toby manages to constantly sing, talk, create imaginary dialog and impressions as he plows through various levels of games. You should know; Kids love him – and... […]

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Job Applicants Stand Out with User-Generated Content

Having thousands of people respond to your company’s HR department about your new job opening can be both a cause for celebration and a cause for despair. Now, you have a huge pool of (hopefully) qualified applicants from which you can select the one who best fits your company and... […]

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Why would we lie?

Testimonials by celebrities can be effective if we like the celebrity, but when we know they’ve been paid for their endorsement it loses a little power to influence us. Testimonials by ‘real people’ tend to be more powerful as long as we believe they’re sincere, because a sincerely delivered endorsement... […]

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Improving Conversions with Video Testimonials

The use of video testimonials is a great way for increasing conversions on your website. A video that is created to promote your company or website helps to build relationships with customers. When visitors view a website they often spend less than ten seconds to determine if they will stay. The placement of a... […]

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Your best brand ambassadors are your customers

Building a strong business is a challenge in the best of times, but today with consumers having so many options and competition coming from around the world thanks to the growth of digital marketing, it is even more challenging. Business owners everywhere are looking for an advantage and they may... […]

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We help you to find your genuine ambassadors.

A small percentage of your clients is responsible for 100% of online word-of-mouth promotion for your brand. We help you to find them!