Inside Online Video Marketing part 1/3 – Infographic

Video is becoming more popular with a general audience worldwide. When there’s money to be made, everyone tries to take a slice of the “video marketing” flavoured pie. Some even try to bake their own. Here’s why… […]

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Effectively Measure Media Response to Brand Campaigns

Maintaining a good reputation is the basis for building a brand. Many companies launch brand campaigns for people to try a product, so they can receive feedback. The most popular way for consumers to share their product reviews is by video. […]

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Lead Nurturing To Increase Conversions

Does a toddler take her very first steps and then start kindergarten the very next day? No, a whole lot of nurturing is required inbetween. […]

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Gamification: ‘Fun And Games’ Is Serious Business

The consultants at Deloitte cited gamification as one of 2012’s top ten technology trends. The centrality of this trend is further illustrated by Gartner’s prediction that fully 50 percent of all business innovation will include some form of gamification by the year 2015. […]

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Effective fan engagement keeps your audience in the loop and interested

With social media exposure at the fingertips of every reputable marketer – the question for you now becomes – how do you keep your audience captive and coming back for more?  […]

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