Inside Online Video Marketing part 3/3 – Infographic

A consumer’s decision can be influenced by several factors. One of those factors is social proof, like product reviews or testimonials.   ** An article posted on Hubspotstates 70% of Americans look at product reviews before making a purchase. In this article & infographic we will show you how to leverage... […]

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Online Video Reviews Help Businesses Improve Conversions

Businesses need every tool possible to help improve conversions. Marketing is one method that can begin to bring in new customers, but it is not as effective in winning them over to make an actual purchase. One of the best techniques to help the sales process is to request the opinions... […]

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Case Study Online Video Marketing – The Spiral – Infographic

The Spiral is a European television series about several art robberies and is broadcasted across Europe. The objective of the makers was to engage with viewers of this tv series online. […]

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Inside Online Video Marketing part 2/3 – Infographic

People get more engaged, spend more time on your site consuming product information & eventually conversion rate will increase. Several retailers already use onlinevideo marketing techniques to increase conversions. Take a look at some other benefits…. […]

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Improve Brand Awareness With Video Testimonials

If you want to use videos to improve brand awareness, YouTube is only the first step. […]

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