How Video Testimonials Generate Trust And Brand Loyalty

When you only have 5 to 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention, you need to ask yourself how you can make that happen.  When you are trying to communicate and generate interest in your products, will images serve that purpose?  They may be an effective tool for attracting attention,... […]

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Video recruitment Decreases candidate screening time by up to 75%


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Video Brand Campaigns Help Businesses Post More Leads

For businesses, generating new leads means the difference between starving and surviving. Utilizing video brand campaigns can be a potent method to bring in these leads. These campaigns can help businesses open up markets that were previously out of reach. They establish a method to reach customers in easy and entertaining ways.... […]

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Relevance a keyword for video brand campaigns

If you need more prodding to make the decision to incorporate video into your Internet branding and marketing campaigns, a recent report compiled from a variety of sources should get your attention. […]

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Social Buzz Tracking: Powerhouse of Passion

Generating social buzz can be a real win-win situation. It’s a win for you to have people buzzing about your company and your products or services, and it’s a win for the buzzers, because those engaging in social media really enjoy playing a part in sharing and promoting things they... […]

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