Ambassify helps you to identify the genuine ambassadors of your brand, but what to do with them once they are identified?

First of all, it depends on the data you gather from your ambassadors. In general, we advice to ask their name and e-mail. The threshold isn’t too high and you know who your ambassador is and how to reach him. Of course you can ask whatever you want, but be aware. The more you ask, the less people that will participate.

Besides that, there are plenty of opportunities to deal with your ambassadors. First of all, you can easily integrate them into your mail communication. Since they are Word-Of-Mouth ambassadors of your brand, they should be the first to know what’s happening around your brand.

But why not integrate them in your Facebook communication? While creating Ads on Facebook, you have plenty of options to identify your target audience. One of these options is the “Custom Audience” (marked in red hereunder).

Custom audience FB

By selecting this option, Facebook offers you the possibility to upload an Excel-file with the mail addresses of your ambassadors in.

Create custom audience

Once you selected the right option, you can prepare your custom audience. Your custom audience will be stored in the Ad manager of Facebook.

Custom Audience

Once you click on “Create Audience”, Facebook will match the mail addresses and verify which one is connected with a Facebook account. In average, you have a match rate of 50 %.

The addresses that are found, have a certain specifications in terms of behaviour and pages your ambassadors like. Let’s say that Facebook identifies that most of your ambassadors are between 22 and 36 years old, like Jupiler, Pukkelpop, Vier, Belgian Red Devils and Volvo. This behaviour is based upon your ambassadors, but since Facebook has 5,8 million users in Belgian, there’s much more potential of finding people with those specifications.

Well, in order to identify the “Look-a-like” audience based on your Custom Audience, Facebook offers you an option to target people with the same behaviour. By doing this, you have a higher potential of converting new ambassadors, but also generate more participations for less money and generate thus a better ROI.

Side note: Identifying the Look-a-like audience can only be done via Power Editor or specific tools and not via the standard Facebook Advertising platform.