The BuboBox team consists of word-of-mouth directors, engineers and some other great folks who live to engage brands with their fans. To practice what we preach, we decided to organize an event based around word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, and let our current clients and prospects mingle with each other in a friendly environment. 


Luckily we were able to add some great speakers to the line-up, with the same values and beliefs on WOMM marketing, like @hanssim (Hans Similon) from Mobile Vikings and @jevedebe (Jan van Den Bergh) from Holaba.

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Jan Van den Bergh – The Recommender Revolution

About the author: Before Jan Van den Bergh moved to China in 2006, he lived in Belgium and worked in the advertising business. He was closely involved in the founding of Saatchi&Saatchi Brussels and Boondoggle.

As an internet pioneer, the figures soon convinced him that active (online) fanatics would become vitally important in the success or failure of brands.

About the book:  Whose advice do you ask if you are looking for good wine, new running shoes, the latest TV or even the best depilator on the market?

How much of what you buy is influenced by the comments of family, friends and colleagues? Who are the consumers who can make or break a brand? And why do they do it?

The Recommender Revolution shows you why good reviews are the best ads for your brand!

Hans Similon – Mobile Vikings

About the speaker: Hans Similon is Chief Viking (managing director) at Mobile Vikings, the first community driven mobile operator. 

Customer experience can never be overrated. That’s why mobile operator Mobile Vikings puts its members (Vikings) right in the centre of attention. Everyday.

About the presentation: During his talk Hans shows how Mobile Vikings use the power of social proof & word-of-mouth in a very consistent way.

Where other telco’s focus on getting new customers, Mobile Vikings focus on keeping the existing customers happy, and with a good reason. Happy customers spread the word & bring other customers.

Over 75% of the +150.000 happy Vikings were recommended by another Viking! 

Koen Stevens – Bubobox

About the speaker: Koen Stevens combines the online web and video passion from his previous company, into BuboBox, taking online word-of-mouth marketing to the next level. BuboBox’ platform enables brands to capture & spread user generated content through smartphones, webcam, tablets, … 

About the presentation: Koen shows how social proof is being used offline for decades, and what businesses can do with it in an online environment.

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Were you there? 

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