Valentine, the corniest period of the year where brands and customers share their love with each other. And we, at BuboBox, we love to participate by spreading your love. Digitally and personalised.

In a previous blogpost, we explain how easy it is to launch your custom campaign. The flow of setting up a campaign, while often the same thanks to our wizard, might vary a bit depending on the type of campaign you would like to launch. Let’s take the Card Creator – the perfect tool to spread your love.

While setting up the campaign, you notice that an extra step is added to the process. The extra step is called “Overlay” and allows you to add an image to create your custom postcard. You can choose between 7 standard options, or you can add your own custom image.

Overlay Valentine

To create your branded company card, the “Custom” option in the drop down list is your friend. Next, you need to upload an image (recommended size: 400 x 300), but make sure a part of the postcard is transparant so there’s room for User Generated Content from your customers.

Once you’ve run through the wizard, your campaign is ready to be launched. Your customers can now share and spread their love through Facebook or on your company website. If you need some help setting up your valentine campaign, give us a shout and we’ll walk you through.

Some best practices and FAQ’s:

  1. What’s the best template to use for this challenge?\ You can use any template for this campaign, but the Card Creator Template is made espacially for this scenario. Your choice, but we can always give you personal advice, according to your objectives.
  2. Is this mobile friendly?\ Yes, every campaign you create is mobile friendly! You won’t see the frame when you take the picture, but once the picture is taken or uploaded, it will be placed in the frame.
  3. Can I integrate Twitter and Instagram?\ Yes. The tricky part is, that the overlay is pasted upon the image. It might occur that essential photo parts are overwritten with the frame.

Happy Valentine!