Forbes magazine recently reported on a new campaign launched by Volkswagen of America that focuses on user-generated video testimonials.

And, according to Forbes, so far, the results have been promising:

“Indeed, Volkswagen’s new grab for an unprecedented chunk of the U.S. market has been going well so far. Sales have been increasing robustly, month after month, for a couple of years now, with VW sort of mimicking Hyundai’s rise from second-tier to main-market player in America.”

Volkswagen initiated the campaign with a television commercial showing “real people” laughing, starting with children and ending with seniors, with the tagline, “it’s not the miles, it’s how you live them.” The commercial gives viewers a call to action to connect with Volkswagen on their new site or Facebook.

Once there, visitors can share their personal experiences with their Volkswagen via video testimonial and watch. Visitors can also read stories provided by other VW owners and VW.

VW has also announced they plan to reward video contributors with special promotions and rewards, both on their own site and their Facbook site.

One of the unique aspects of this campaign is the way Volkswagen has integrated their own content with user generated content. If a visitor wants to learn more about the company or particular models, then can do so side-by-side with information provided by VW and video testimonials from actual VW owners.

With this campaign, VW his hoping more people will see the softer side of their company and want to own a VW for themselves.

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