In Dale Carnegie’s famous 1936 book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” the overall strategy the book instructs the reader to use to win people over is to cater to the person that he wants to win over or influence, by valuing his or her opinion and treating that person with the utmost consideration and respect.

This book has sold 5 million copies since its publication and is popular worldwide. You can now download a copy free of charge or pay usually less than $5 for a hard copy of it, because it is now in the public domain.  However, it remains a popular and authoritative work. In the book, Carnegie’s, “Six Ways to Make People Like You,” include:

  1. Becoming genuinely interested in others
  2. Smiling
  3. Remembering the person’s name (because people love the sound of their own name)
  4. Becoming a good listener
  5. Encouraging others to talk about themselves and
  6. Making others feel important, but doing so in a sincere way.

In addition, one of Carnegie’s, “Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking,” is to show respect for the other person’s point of view and never to tell them that it’s wrong.

Modernizing This Concept

As a business professional, one of the best ways to win customers over to your product or service is to genuinely value that person’s opinion over your own.

Yes, you can do this by conducting market research and changing your product or service to meet the needs of your target market. However, another constant that Carnegie brings to light is how much people love themselves, the sound of their own names and hearing that their own opinions and experiences are valid.

Though it sounds vain, it’s just something within human nature that though a person might try genuinely to repress this, it’s still there. If you want to get religious about it, Christians call it the sin nature. This sin nature’s root is pride. It’s the tragic flaw of the human condition and what motivates most bad behavior.

However, from a marketing and manipulation standpoint, if you understand that this is what is motivating people, you understand how to get their attention, and how to then get them to take action.

Evidence of Carnegie’s observations are all over YouTube and every other video sharing site online. You will find videos of people giving how-to information to others, ranting and giving opinions and giving reviews.

According to recent statistics, users upload 60 hours of video to the social media sharing site every minute. The bulk of those hours are people talking about whatever they feel is important or useful.

As a business professional, it is smart to harness the power of video reviews to market your product or service. Because of this, Bubobox provides you with a platform that enables your site visitors to quickly record and upload reviews or video testimonials directly to your site; allows you to use analytics to find which videos are converting new customers; and allows you to interact with and reward video contributors. Contact us to learn more.