Video testimonials are fast becoming the most effective way to reach your target audience. If done correctly, a video testimonial can increase customer base and conversion rates threefold. To be successful, however, there are a few considerations to keep in mind throughout the production.

Do it Right

In today’s world a user-generated video will be watched if it’s authentic. Just try to cover the basics of good video production. Use bright lights and shoot in a quiet spot to make the whole video easier to watch, if possible.


Who you chose to do the speaking in your testimonial is a big deal. A celebrity is always a good choice, if possible. People relate to celebrities and their opinions make a difference to their fans. A local celebrity endorsing a product made in the community strengthens the brand in that area. Celebrities are also great because they are comfortable on camera which lends an air of realism to your testimonial. Since it isn’t always possible to have a celebrity love your brand so much they agree to a testimonial you should also consider the rest of the population. Your spokesperson should be someone who is absolutely in love with your brand’s product or service. So much so in fact, they have a very specific story or anecdote to relate about your brand and what it has done for them.

Be the Solution

A testimonial must show a problem and how your brand was able to solve it. The problem should be something that is specific to the spokesperson but universally felt by many of your potential customers to be effective. Having a universal problem allows your audience to be able to relate to the testimonial right from the start.

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