Most people tend to be a bit on the skeptical side when it comes to making buying decisions. They have a lot of questions and they are always looking to get answers to those questions before they spend their money.

Will this product work? Is this what I need? How can I use this? Is this the best product to fit my needs? They have many questions.

One way to help your customers get the answers they need is to use video testimonials. Nothing speaks better for your product or service than the people who have used it and found it worthwhile.

As Scott Whitney put it in his article on testimonials:

“Think about it…when we talk about another company’s work, we’re putting ourselves on the line. We’re risking our very own reputation by vouching for that person or company. Testimonials are real, authentic…and offer insight to what makes a company or vendor special.”

People get answers to their shopping questions in a variety of ways.

First from experience. Maybe they tried a product on chance and it worked. If so they identify a brand they trust and they become loyal customers. They act on advice from their friends and relatives. It worked for them, it can work for me. They research and compare products they see advertised. This one offers more than that, or that one has some extra benefit. All the trial and error, questioning and research guides them as they decide on purchases.

Business owners who understand the psychology of the shopper know they have to position products in ways that help people answer their questions and complete their research. When you break it down the psychology of shoppers is tailor made for one of the strongest tools of marketing — testimonials.

Testimonials hit all the marks — experience, advice, and research. A customer shares an experience, offers advice and the viewer compiles more information.

Today, digital marketing tools allow ever better ways of providing this contact for customers.

Using video testimonials also brings other benefits to business owners. They help personalize your digital marketing, they engage customers in an interactive way, they can be used on a variety of channels, and they give you personalized ways to tell the story of your products or your business.

If you want to learn more about how video testimonials can help you reach out to your customers, contact us.