The online experience is changing. More and more, people are watching and listening to video, rather than simply reading written words on the screen. You can use this to your advantage by including video testimonials on your nonprofit’s site. 

Video adds a layer of authenticity to the words being said. So much of communication is nonverbal, and we are geared to pick up on subtle cues such as tone of voice and facial expressions. Think about how watching a story on the news can be so much more moving than reading the same story in the newspaper. 

Who will provide you with these video testimonials? Here are three ideas:

Satisfied Donors. When your organization holds an event, it’s likely brimming with your most ardent supporters. Keep an eye out for opportunities to ask attendees for video testimonials while your nonprofit’s excellent work is front and center in their mind. Then you can post these on your website, blog, or Facebook page, and use Twitter to direct people to the videos. Watching and listening to other supportive, long-term donors can be a convincing factor for others who might be trying to decide where to direct their charitable contributions.

Benefactors. Personal stories from the people who are directly benefitting from your services can be a powerful tool. It’s one thing to read about how someone’s life was transformed, and quite another to see and hear them tell their story.

Fans. Ask your most enthusiastic cheerleaders to contribute a video testimonial. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can provide you with a video voicing their support for the organization and perhaps a brief personal story of their experience working with your nonprofit. Sometimes people aren’t able to contribute a lot of money, but they are excellent at rallying to the cause and spreading the word broadly to others.

Video testimonials can help build awareness and increase the level of engagement with your supporters. Contact us to learn more about a great tool that makes it easy for your anyone to contribute a video testimonial that you can feature on your organization’s site.