Glitzy, polished advertising campaigns have evolved many a backroom dream into a global necessity. The most astute advertisers, however, also give proper credence to the power that is harnessed through favorable world-of-mouth.

Whereas such dialogue used to be quite spatially limited–between neighbors over fences or friends over dinner–the technology of the 21st century has opened these discussions to a worldwide audience via video marketing. Today companies of all sizes are reaping benefits by making their consumer’s opinions of their products open to the world. One such company that has employed an effective blend of professional advertising and positive word-of-mouth is Lexus.

When Toyota first introduced its Lexus line to the public, it was careful to craft the vehicle’s image through a professional campaign. In his article, “The History and Evolution of Lexus,” David Green states that the world renowned advertising firm of “Saatchi and Saatchi were employed by the Toyota Corporation to take care of the marketing of Lexus in 1986.” Mindfully, Toyota was just as purposeful in building a positive relationship with their Lexus customers. As a result, Lexus has garnered multiple first place rankings in customer service from J.D. Power and Associates. Toyota understands that it is the Super Bowl commercial that will turn heads, but that it is their consumer’s dialogue that follows with family and friends that will propel or repel prospective customers.

comScore conducted a study in March of 2012 evaluating the effectiveness of the professional campaign as well as the verbal to-and-fro among consumers. The focal areas of research included emotion, key message communication, relatability, and message importance. The data illustrated that positive word-of-mouth always bolstered the audience’s reception of the product. In fact, the “User-Generated” advertising was 4 to 7 percentage points higher than the “Professionally Produced” marketing in most categories.

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