Hugh Jackman in Audi

Audi has Hugh Jackman. Titleist has PGA rookie Mark Anderson. Sure these are huge international brands paying top dollar for celebrity faces, but the concept is the same for your business and its target audience.

A well-chosen brand ambassador speaking on camera gives your product a face and a voice.

When you place a video testimonial, a vlog, or video review of your product on your business website or social media pages, you’re offering the world a real, engaging embodiment of your product or service. You’re forging a connection with potential clients and customers.

BuboBox Brand Advocacy

BuboBox offers business owners the tools to create videos using brand ambassadors to increase sales and traffic. In an average Google search, video results turn up “before the fold;” imagine the exposure for your business when the face of your company turns up in searches.

Is your brand ambassador a working parent? A connected professional? A polished executive? A warm, approachable Mom? A funny kid? Whoever they might be, and whatever your message, a visible, on-point face and voice for your company is a great tool for driving consumer confidence and loyalty.

Come see how BuboBox can help you realize the potential of searchable video content and a brand ambassador for your business.