When it comes to modern day fund raising, many nonprofits are harnessing the power of digital media to fill their coffers. For verification of the medium’s importance, just take a look at the Network for Good’s Year in Review Digital Giving Index (2012). It shows that branded giving pages, online portal giving sites and social giving campaigns were all highly effective fundraising methods for at least 40,000 charities last year. Couple those statistics with the common knowledge that people are often motivated to donate based on friends’ recommendations and one thing becomes clear. User-generated video testimonials have the potential to significantly boost a nonprofit’s bank account.

User-Generated Video Testimonials helps increase impact of fundrasing

Tech-savvy nonprofits could encourage their most ardent supporters to create user-generated video testimonials. Depending on the video testimonial tool used, the unique content could be placed onto all three of the previously mentioned hot sites. From there, the nonprofit’s staff and supporters could share the user-generated video testimonials with others. The “others” doesn’t have to be confined to just the supporters’ friends and family either.

QR-Code does wonders by implementing video-testimonials

For example, a QR-Code could be linked to the user-generated video testimonials and placed in strategic locations. Those QR-Code locations could include direct mailers, giveaway items, special event banners, business cards and press kits. Speaking of which, the user-generated video testimonials could also be shared with both alternative and mainstream media outlets.

Bubobox manages to make your nonprofit fundraising alive

Once the user-generated video testimonials are up and running, they could also be incorporated into other marketing efforts like supporter loyalty programs and social media contests. Of course in order to do that effectively, the nonprofit would need to have access to in-depth video stats. That’s were having a video testimonial tool like BuboBox can come in handy.

Our video testimonial tool enables nonprofits to cull user-generated content and utilize it in all of the ways previously mentioned. It also comes outfitted with features designed to make analyzing the content and creating supporter loyalty programs extremely easy.

Would you like more information on how our video testimonial tool can help your nonprofit capitalize on digital fundraising trends? Contact us via the BuboBox website and sign up for a free, seven day trial.