Marketing can be a challenge. Even well-established brands with a large base of customers know that it can be tough to reach new markets, and even tougher to constantly create new marketing content. According to eMarketer and research performed by content curation platform Curata, “The biggest challenge for content marketing as a whole, according to the survey, was simply creating original content—something that will come as no surprise to those tasked with writing or designing creative.”

And it’s true, content creation is a chore. So, why not turn that task over to the one group that always has something fresh, creative, and engaging to say about your brand: your fans. 

Using BuboBox, your customers can create user-generated video reviews to share their thoughts and feelings about your products in a way that is far more engaging and powerful than a simple text box. These peer recommendations will drive more potential customers to your brand, along with solving the problem of you constantly creating original content.

You can encourage participation by rewarding the most creative and engaging fan testimonials, which will in turn encourage more users to post their own videos. You can leverage your own success into a loop of positive marketing by allowing your fans to become brand ambassadors on your behalf.

According to the eMarketing article above, about 69% of respondents said that creating original marketing content was a challenge for them, followed closely by having enough time to create this content.

Why not remove your brand from that 69%? Social media and peer-to-peer marketing are already far more effective methods of advertising than traditional ads. Take advantage of the nature of the Internet by allowing it to work for you.