User-generated content is gaining traction in the world of online marketing.  Using video as a part of your marketing strategy makes good sense:  client testimonials are powerful business building tools, and independently added user-generated content is even more valuable.  When your client is willing to create a video testimonial to speak to others regarding the quality of your work, it speaks volumes.

Allowing your clients to tell both your existing clients and new potential business partners just how great you are does a couple of things for your business.  

  • It reinforces what you’ve told your potential clients on your website already- “this is what I can do for you, I can do it well, and I want to help you make your business better”
  • It allows your new clients to hear from other people that you can deliver what you’re promising
  • It allows you to give your existing customers a forum to voice how they feel about your service

This type of user-generated content shows that companies can use the harnessed power of the internet and their dedicated users to improve their platforms.  This is a budget-friendly way to give value-added service to your customers and keep them engaged in your business-your clients are involved in your business and know that their feedback is valuable to you, and their ability to tell others of their satisfaction with your service will encourage potential clients to work with you as well.

How are you using user-generated content today to capture social proof?