Every marketing professional knows the importance of brand awareness. Successfully holding your position in the marketplace is contingent on your customers associating your brand with the product or service they want.  Over the last decade video has become a top tool for marketers.  How can you make your video stand out and truly contribute to your brand awareness? Consider the following top three tips.

  1. Be transparent.  Today’s savvy customer knows when they see an exaggerated video testimonial.  If your product or service is truly exceptional, you’ll have no trouble finding legitimate customers to do your bragging for you.  Customers frequently evaluate the quality of the source before the quality of the information.  


  1. Implement credibility indicators.  The effectiveness of a testimonial depends on customers perceiving it as credible.  This is why simply posting anonymous text testimonials on a page is rarely effective.  There’s nothing to substantiate their credibility. Adding name, location, company name or other identifying factors adds to the quote’s credibility.  Video takes it a step further by allowing the customer to see the person speaking, enabling them to read body language.  To see the most return on investment with your videos, use them together with other credibility indicators.  


  1. Have a specific goal.  What do you want customers to take away from your video?  Are you simply trying to build brand awareness? Do customers need to understand what your product does? Are you trying to convey the quality of your services? Is your goal to promote the monetary value of choosing your product?  To be effective, testimonials should be sorted and categorized depending on how they fit into your overall marketing plan.  


Create buzz in the marketplace through effective brand awareness.  Video testimonials help customers learn who you are and, more importantly, who your other customers are.  Brand awareness is established through customer awareness.