Recently, after discovering a puddle of water inching its way from under the washing machine and across the laundry room floor, I turned to the Internet for help. Was this something I could fix myself or was it time to call in the cavalry?

In seconds, I was clicking and viewing videos on the computer that clearly explained how I could get inside the machine and identify the problem. I later found videos on how to make the repair necessary and for the cost of parts, a few knuckle bruises and a couple of scratched fingers got the job done.

So what did this experience teach me? First, I learned I can — with help — do something that I never thought I would ever be able to do. I also learned the names of several small-appliance repair companies.

I also learned that there is real marketing value in teaching people how to do something. These companies have found a way to build brand awareness by helping those customers who want to try to help themselves. There are a variety of ways to include teaching in your marketing and branding campaigns. You can do online video tutorials. You can hold classes in your store, at the local community college or wherever you can find an interested audience. The range of ideas is unlimited.

Word-of-mouth marketing guru Andy Sernovitz posted on this subject on his blog recently.

“Teach your customers how to use your products, and they’ll buy more products. Give them a great experience and they’ll be a customer for life,” he said.

Positive experiences give people a good feeling about themselves and about you. Business owners trying to connect with customers need to find ways to create these kinds of positive experiences and when they succeed they can share those with other customers.

If want to explore some of the ideas and tools to help you develop a campaign to build brand awareness through video, contact us.