People love their smartphones, tablets and laptops. They love having the world at their fingertips. They also love social media. When making a purchase decision, customers will post request for recommendations on social media. Why not proactively put your business where your customers are?

Imagine the possibilities of your business growing through social media marketing. Imagine the flow of unpaid endorsements. Now imagine the creditability of these testimonials if they were unscripted video. People believe what they see, not what they read. Everyone knows written testimonials can be fake, but web cam testimonials posted by customers will carry a lot of weight.

More and more people are putting their life on-line for the world to see. They share thoughts, photos and videos of anything and everything instantly through their devices. In a tech savvy society, the option to instantly create a video testimonial of your business and share it on social media networks plays right into this. Most users of social media have more than one media outlet with a different set of followers. A plug and play video solution grants instant spread of word-of-mouth marketing about your product to each set of followers. The potential for online fan building is limitless.

You may be wondering how effect  video social media marketing can be. Consider this; social media is not about changing someone’s mind. It groups like thinking people together. Your customer is going to connect with potential customers that think the same as they do and would possibly come to the same conclusion your product is right for them. “Tom” will share or repost a video testimonial by “Sam” to a friend in need of your product or service. Why, because it is easy and it provides creditable insight. After all, that is the bottom line of advertising, projecting product creditability.