Many businesses are now using social media marketing as a powerful way to achieve success. With the variety of social media growing, using them as a means of marketing can become confusing. Twitter is one of the fastest growing types of social media with over 100 million users and counting. Below are beneficial ways to utilize Twitter as a marketing tool.

Participate Make it a point to follow others on Twitter and comment on their tweets. This will engage your followers and show them you care.

Feedback Embrace the opportunity to constructively take feedback from consumers. Tweet questions specifically about your business, products, or services. Consumer feedback creates opportunity for improvement.

Competition Create Twitter competitions for your audience through polls, creative answers, follower milestones, or lucky tweets. Free or discounted products or services can be given away as prizes. This will promote your business as well as create fun for your followers.

Potential Customers Consider the millions of people using Twitter as attainable customers. Explore your followers and answer questions regarding your type of product or services. This display of knowledge will attract others to your business.

Announcements Let your followers know when your business has special deals coming up. Twitter is free, so this method may save you money in the long run.

Twitter is a creative and free way to promote your business. By creating an account and actively using Twitter, you will be promoting your business to an audience bigger than you imagine. Social media marketing is growing and knowing how to effectively use a variety of types to promote your business can make all the difference.