Generating social buzz can be a real win-win situation. It’s a win for you to have people buzzing about your company and your products or services, and it’s a win for the buzzers, because those engaging in social media really enjoy playing a part in sharing and promoting things they are passionate about. And with the absolute explosion of social media users, those buzzers have become a powerhouse of passion.

Social Buzz

The buzz about their passions, known as “user-generated” or “user-created” content, is exploding along with the number of users. Adweek recently reported:

[In] 2013, nearly 155 million U.S. Internet users will consume some form of user-created content, up from nearly 116 million in 2008…The numbers of user-generated content creators will grow by similar proportions, reaching 114.5 million in 2013, up from 82.5 million in 2008.

Whether they pass their passions along by liking, tweeting, pinning, posting or uploading, that’s a massive amount of buzz, wouldn’t you say? 

Of course one of these buzzers’ favorite ways of spreading their views on things is through user-generated videos and nearly every device from laptops to smartphones and tablets now provide the ability to quickly and easily produce high-quality video.

So, how can you tap into this honeyhole of passion, engage those buzzers and get them buzzing about you? And how do you then somehow quantify the results? Fortunately, it can be as easy (and fun!) for you as it is for the buzzers. 

How? BuboBox provides you the capability in mere minutes to easily:

  • Capture user-generated video testimonials for your site, webshop, or Facebook page
  • Organize video contests
  • Use customer videos in online ads
  • Encourage social buzz before, during or after an event
  • You can even take online video job applications!

Then our fabulously easy social buzz tracking tools enable you to see detailed stats on which videos have generated inbound traffic and which testimonials or reviews have led to conversions. And not in some snore-inducing list of numbers, but in an attractive, easy-to-understand graphical format. You can also connect your Analytics account and Facebook page, reward contributors and more.

Contact us and find out for yourself how easy it is to get that powerhouse of passion working for you.