At BuboBox we always aim at giving all users, regardless of what device they use, the same experience. One big problem with running campaigns on a Facebook page is that you can’t visit Facebook pages on mobile devices.

Smart URLs to the rescue!

How does it work?

When a user visits a smart URL it will look at what type of device the user is using. If it’s a regular PC it will redirect the user to the Facebook page. In case a user is using his smartphone the user is redirected to a standalone version of the challenge.

Smart URL example

Where do I get these smart URLs

To get a smart URL for your challenge you go to My Challenges in the BuboBox admin panel and next to each challenge you see the smart URL for that challenge. You can click the Copy smart URL button to copy the URL to your clipboard, ready to paste in a Tweet, email or Facebook message.

Challenge promotion

We also added the functionality to our URLs that you can configure in our admin panel what share title, description and image should be used when a campaign smart URL gets shared on Facebook or Twitter. To configure this go to your widget and in the left hand side menu choose Promote under the Publish menu item. There you can fill in the information you want to use.

You’ll also notice that there are some language specific smart URLs on the promote page. The default campaign URL will use the first language enabled as default language. But if you have multiple Facebook pages (one for each language for example) you can use the language specific smart URLs to promote the challenge with a specific language on those Facebook pages.

Below you find some examples of how the smart URL will look when you share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter share example