If you need more prodding to make the decision to incorporate video into your Internet branding and marketing campaigns, a recent report compiled from a variety of sources should get your attention.

The SundaySky report on video statistic from 2012 was reported on in a recent post at Marketing Profs. Writer Veronica Maria Jarski said this: “Videos that are personally relevant also matter to viewers. Viewers spent 2.5 times more time watching personally relevant short-form videos than other videos, and emails that contain personally relevant videos boast a 40%-60% open rate.”

Video Brand Campaigns

So what does that mean for you and your video brand campaigns? It means that there is an audience for what you are producing.

When people are looking for what you offer, your video marketing content will be relevant and it will bring you the attention you are seeking.

Capturing that attention is your opportunity and you can do that by producing video and other content that people find helpful, useful and informative.

Your brand is your starting point. By developing a clear, concise and readily identifiable brand, you establish the base from which all your content evolves.

Once you have a brand, you need to identify your target audience and produce content — with text, images and video — that is relevant and appealing to that audience.

If the branded content you produce hits the mark, you develop a self-sustaining process. Your audience will repeatedly check out your content, what they like they will share with their contacts and your brand image will spread organically. The audience, the statistics show, is out there. 

Your challenge is defining, developing and producing the content that has relevance to the people who need and want your product or service.