Businesses need every tool possible to help improve conversions. Marketing is one method that can begin to bring in new customers, but it is not as effective in winning them over to make an actual purchase. One of the best techniques to help the sales process is to request the opinions of previous customers. Most customers are willing to do some spending after learning about how previous purchases went. A great way to imbue these reviews into new customer purchases is to provide them as video content.

Reviews Are Convincing

Business reviews are some of the most regarded information that customers refer before making purchases. Whether local, national, or global, businesses utilizing a process of reviews are more likely to convert leads into sales. quotes BusinessWeek stating :”70% consult reviews or ratings before purchasing“. At 70%, it should be standard for businesses now to include reviews of their services or products as part of the marketing and sales processes. It is a way of letting the consumers do the work to convert new customers.

Reviews as Video Content

A billion people access YouTube and other video content sites every month. Videos provide an entertaining and engaging form of content for these viewers. People find the process interactive by posting comments and their own video responses. This is why video reviews are so great for content. BuboBox services are designed to give businesses the ability to:

  • Entertain Customers with Simple and Attractive Videos describing Previous Purchases;
  • Engage Customers by Encouraging Video Reviews with File Uploads and Webcam Access;
  • Expand Markets by Accessing Social Media.

Reviews Support Growth

Access to consumer opinion supplies businesses foresight to find which areas to expand and what fields to focus. Having this information allows the possibility to forecast which direction consumers will be moving. It also gives important information in regards to improvement of products and services so customers are retained.

Maintaining reviews is a necessary process for businesses today. They supplement as a method of marketing for potential leads unaware and help convert these leads into new sales. Video reviews make it more appealing to consumers and allow them to be involved by providing their own video reviews. This is an excellent method to maintain these consumers as constant customers.

BuboBox strides to provide the best online video review services for all of our clients. If your business can benefit from implementing our content services, please contact us so we can help identify the best methods to meet your needs. Or read some other interesting articles on our blog!