Video testimonials engage customers. Let’s be clear. There is a big difference between a testimonial and an endorsement.

testimonial is a discourse about a thing or experience that a previous customer gives. Often times it is more believable than a celebrity endorsement, which is when a product or thing is endorsed or approved of by a celebrity who very well could have been paid for the service, or not, which is ok….but not as effective as testimonials from peers.

Endorsements work, but testimonials are done by regular people who can relate to other regular people.  Testimonials are done by someone familiar, therefore people feel like they can trust what the testimonial is saying.

Video testimonials are even more effective at connecting with, and therefore attracting new customers to your brand.

The website states, “One of the most awesome things about info-graphic marketing is how easily you can share them with your audience, and often get a greater response than other traditional methods. Use them to creatively announce a new product……or use them as an inbound marketing tool to inform new leads and drive traffic to your site.  Whatever you use them for, you’ll be able to turn hard data into engaging stories that your customers will want to read.”

Combining data, and information about a product or service with graphics, ie. video testimonials or print graphics, is a highly effective and easy tool to mesh with and engage new customers.  Complex information is combined into a sort of package (like a video that contains pie charts, etc.) that can be quickly presented and easily processed by customers online, and can be retrieved with a click!

Now how will YOU engage  new customers? Contact us for expert advice and see what a little science combined with creative presentation can do to increase your brand awareness, trustworthiness, and ultimately….SALES!