Direct customer referrals are always a powerful way to build a business. Taking this principle a step further, customer video testimonials have become one of the more successful methods in word-of-mouth marketing. Video recomendations from satisfied customers can generate more business than those of written reviews. The reason for this is that there is a face and voice to the recommendation that is much more believable. 

While they are powerful marketing tools, the following guidelines should be followed when using customer video testimonials. 

Avoid the “cheerleader” effect:

Commonly used, though vague descriptions such as “great, awesome, fantastic,” give little information on their own. Instead, have customers explain what they get most out of the product or business.

Use a case study format:

By focusing on why and how a customer was attracted to and used the product tells a more complete story rather than how wonderful the product is.

Use a question-answer testimonial format:

Interview a customer on video to get more specific information on how the product helped them or what they liked best about it.

Properly edit for time and effectiveness:

Two to four minutes of product highlights is all you need to send the message.

Plug the video into your business website:

A testimonial showing how happy a customer is with the product or service on the very website that sells it can further enhance its attractiveness.

While video testimonials are a powerful mechanism for generating sales, they should be used with the above guidelines in mind. Contact us for more information on how video testimonials can be used to improve conversions and brand awareness for your product or business.