Does a toddler take her very first steps and then start kindergarten the very next day? No, a whole lot of nurturing is required inbetween.

Does a college freshman declare a pre-med major and immediately start performing surgery? No, a defined path is established that ensures that he/she is fully ready to wield a scalpel.

Similarly, there are identifiable paths that many future customers will take before becoming loyal buyers. It is not realistic to assume that leads will magically blossom into sales overnight. In fact, common estimates suggest that about half of all leads are not “sales-ready” at their first conversion.

As a result, “lead nurturing” is a critical concept to understand and to master to consistently increase conversions. Here are a few ways to nurture those leads:

Streamline the sign-up process

Enterprises lose more leads here than one might expect. The user that decides to sign up may be making a very quick or even impulsive decision. If your sign-up process is the least bit inconvenient compared to that of others, poof! they’ll be gone. It is essential that you thoroughly understand the experience that the potential new customer is having at this stage.

Tighten up the offers

Be decisive. Seemingly unrelated offers will diffuse the experience. It’s vital to focus the visitor, not confuse him//her. Smartphone users are inevitably distracted by a plethora of selling propositions in a give day. Make your crisp and sharply focused.

Scrub that list — routinely

Conversion rates and click-through rates will invariably benefit from lists that are clean and up-to-date. List turnover should should not be und erestimated. Many email lists experience annual turnover rates of 20-30 percent. Refreshing lists is an ongoing process.

Test and test some more

For example, test a particular subscriber box on various sites sites to identify maximum conversion opportunities. Some marketers get trapped in an ineffective protocol. They never take the time to discover what works. Doing the same ineffective thing over and over will not suddenly generate great results.

Call to action

Especially in this mobile age, decisionmaking is ever more rapid. One not only needs to grab a user’s attention. The user also needs to be quickly motivated to take action, to take the next step.

Experience in lead nurturing can be a real asset, especially in times of rapid change. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and to learn more about your business and your goals. Please contact us today!