Having thousands of people respond to your company’s HR department about your new job opening can be both a cause for celebration and a cause for despair. Now, you have a huge pool of (hopefully) qualified applicants from which you can select the one who best fits your company and the position.

The problem of dealing with cover letters & resumes

Unfortunately, now you are also tasked with the job of reading thousands of cover letters and resumes in an attempt to weed out the top ten or twenty candidates that you want to invite for interviews. This is time consuming and, depending on the quality of the applicants, can be frustrating. 

Hiring managers worldwide will agree that it’s difficult to get a real feel for a candidate simply from their resume/CV and cover letter. How do you know if they will fit in with the company culture? How do you know that they will bring the appropriate amount of energy to the job? How do you know if they really want to work for you or are just throwing darts at the proverbial job dart board?

Modern technology allows cost efficient hiring process

A recent trend in job applications has been helping to take some of the guess work out of the hiring process. Video job applications began their popularity in the world of social media but are now making their way into other sectors of business. Not only do video job applications save significant time in terms of reading resumes, they also are a means for the hiring manager to get a true sense of the applicant. 

Test skills & body language!

In a video job application, a candidate has the opportunity to highlight their relevant experience and skills while also showing off their personality and passion for your company. Applicants have the opportunity to be creative and show off their individuality. Hiring managers have the opportunity to read the applicant’s body language, listen to their speech patterns and evaluate their energy level to see if that person would be a good fit at the company. It’s a win-win situation.

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