People get more engaged, spend more time on your site consuming product information & eventually conversion rate will increase. Several retailers already use onlinevideo marketing techniques to increase conversions. Take a look at some other benefits….

The benefits of social video

Social videos are a much better way to use in your video marketing efforts. According to an article on ReelSeo, Social video advertising involves a push to intentionally draw attention to a video or video in a public medium in order to promote one or more conversion goals (views, shares, leads, sales, attendance, or some other form of engagement).

“Social video advertising is an opportunity for video advertisers to engage with audiences in a new and social way,” says Dan Greenberg, CEO of the social video marketing company and ad distribution platform, Sharethrough.

Social videos are more likely to be shared through social media. And if we take a look at what’s being shared, we see that social videos are all about :

  • Sharing emotions
  • Sharing identity & self expression
  • Sharing information
  • Sharing reciprocity

But how do you capture, share & manage user generated videos?

At BuboBox we strongly believe in authentic user generated video. That’s why we developed several plug & play video recording tools to integrate in your online channels. Capture testimonials & product reviews, organize video contests or integrate it in your business processes like customers support or recruiting.

Through your video dashboard you can manage the entries, reward contributors, see detailed stats on views, shares, likes, … or even see a video leaderboard of best performing videos. 

More benefits of online video marketing? Take a look at the infographic below…

the benefits of online video