Suppose you have a great product and you’re getting traffic to your website, but your conversions aren’t what you were expecting…

Are you wondering why you aren’t getting the results you expeected and looking to increase conversions?


  • Your headline doesn’t grab the readers attention
  • The reader doesn’t see how your product benefits them
  • Your copy doesn’t address an objection the reader has

Or, maybe the reader doesn’t believe you.

There are a number of ways proof elements can be added to your copy. Statistics, case studies, authorities and testimonials are often used to accomplish this. In many cases, testimonials are the most powerful.

But, how do you get relevant, meaningful testimonials from users?

Useful testimonials are one of the hardest things for copywriters to get. First, the user has to be willing to give a testimonial, and most people hate writing, so even if someone has agreed to give a testimonial… actually getting it can be frustrating.

In order for a testimonial to be useful, it has to be relevant to the copy. Sometimes testimonials you have aren’t usable because they aren’t relevant.

Video testimonials can help solve some of these challenges.

Often, a person is far more willing to give a testimonial if they don’t have to write it. Most people think writing is hard. It’s a lot easier to get someone to say something about a product than it is to get them to write about a product.

Video testimonials can also be more convincing. It’s a different experience for your reader to read, “It’s a great product!” than to hear them say it. Punctuation does convey emphasis and enthusiasm nearly as well as video.

Up until now, proof has been one of the hardest elements to test in your copy. With video testimonials, enhancing your proof elements has become a lot easier.

Bububox provides a solution for making your product more believable. For more information regarding this or how we can help transform your marketing efforts, please contact us.