The use of video testimonials is a great way for increasing conversions on your website. A video that is created to promote your company or website helps to build relationships with customers. When visitors view a website they often spend less than ten seconds to determine if they will stay. The placement of a video on your main page can be emotionally compelling to establish credibility.

Online brands can experience a decline in customer loyalty. This can be due to a lack in of engagement with customers. The use of a video testimonial on a product page can increase customer conversions by demonstrating how a product is meant to work.

The narrator for a video testimonial is a factor that needs to be considered. You can choose to use males or females to narrate the video. You may find that conversions may increase from a product page with a different narrator for the video testimonial. Metrics can be used to compare the conversion rates using a male voice and a female voice.

Video production doesn’t have to be expensive

Videos can be produced in-house, outsourced to a production company or uploaded by customers. Your choice of production will depend on the type of connection desired by customers.

A video testimonial that is producedin-house needs to include a call-to-action. The call to action depends on the site where the video is uploaded. Also be aware of high production costs. 

Video Testimonials will spread the word & increase conversions

Video testimonials that are uploaded to social media sites can improve your fan base. You can upload a video testimonial to social media sites that offer a special or discount to fans.

Videos posted on a social media page can be used for increasing conversion on your main website.

Make sure that video testimonials that are posted online do not play automatically. Add a message for a video directing viewers to play the video.