If you want to use videos to improve brand awareness, YouTube is only the first step.

Go beyond YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the game, but the sheer amount of available YouTube content actually works against your marketing efforts.  If you post a video on YouTube, what is there that makes your video stand out from the crowd?  

More importantly, what is there about your video that will make viewers click through from the video to your site?

Embed videos on your website

A better strategy is to embed videos into your website.  Including video with posts increases both the amount of time users spend on a site and the number of social shares.  

When you combine a video with text based information it makes the page look more appealing to viewers and makes them more likely to engage with and share your content.  The trick is to make the video work as an integral part of the page.  

Pictures, text, and videos should all work together to convey information as a single unit.  Your goal is for users to share the entire page, not just the video.  

Remember that search engines don’t crawl through the video automatically, so be sure that important information is optimized and you have a video sitemap added to Google Webmaster Tools.  Add keyword rich titles, tags, and descriptions to your video or include a video transcript on your page.

If you’re a WordPress user, try Video SEO for WordPress, this plugin generates a video sitemap & adds a video snippet to your webpages in Google’s search results. 

Type of video

The other factor to consider is what type of a video will best suit your strategy.  Viral videos may drive traffic to your site, but they don’t necessarily give more information or educate customers about the product.  

Viral videos may help get customers to check out your site, but educational videos are often more helpful in driving conversions.

By supplying specific information about a product, educational videos helps customers learn more about the product and how it meets their needs.  Knowing more about a product makes customers more likely to actually follow through and make a purchase.

Brand awareness through testimonials & product reviews

Customers like hearing how other ordinary people have experienced and used a product.  Our simple tool makes it easy for you to capture authentic user-generated video testimonials that can help you educate consumers about your product and increase brand awareness.