We are glad to announce a new feature which makes it possible for your clients to get a bird’s eye view of all their challenges. It will make it possible to get even more value out of all your effort in organising challenges.

Now you can instantly see which users are most active across your challenges and get a global picture of what you know about a particular fan.

Fans overview

Instead of only showing which entries were submitted per challenge, we now also have a fan overview page. By grouping all entry data per email address, we can show per fan which entries they submitted, when they were last active and a lot more.

Fan activity timeline

This new perspective will give you more insights into the potential fans of your brand, detect price hunters or allow you to get notified about who has the potential to become a brand ambassador.

Based on information about a fan, we will attach a label that shows the fan type. The used types are new, fan, addict, superfan and price hunter. We encourage companies to start working with their superfans since this group will have the highest chance of evolving into brand ambassadors.

If you want to know more about how you can find brand ambassadors in this group of superfans, you can take a look at our Ambassify product. Ambassify will leverage more value-adding challenges to create a two-way relation with your ambassadors.

Getting the most out of the fan details

Most of you will probably be familiar with our form builder, but it’s important to know that you should use our predefined form fields whenever possible. The reason for this is that these fields have specific standardised names so we know what type of data it is when we see these values in our database.

Form builder predefined fields

The advantage of these fields is that it will fill up the fans’ profile details. So if your fans are missing gender information you could include a predefined gender field for your next challenge and all fans that will participate in that challenge will get their details extended with their gender information.

This way it’s possible to organize multiple challenges and ask the user for tiny bits of information. Each time they interact we will aggregate all this data and convert it into one fan profile page.

Fan details overview

Important to know is that you should always ask the user for his email address because that is the part of information we need to know to identify that entry X and entry Y were submitted by the same user.

Standardising this user metadata will also help you if you want to export these fans and work with them in other systems like your own CRM, MailChimp, Ambassify or other software.

Price hunter alert

It is not uncommon that our customers ask us whether one of their fans is cheating their way to the top. Detecting this used to be a manual process on our end, but with the new fans overview a client will be able to spot these price hunters instantly.

The way we detect these price hunters is a work in progress. In case we detect new ways of cheating in the future, we will extend our algorithm to detect these price hunters too.

For obvious reasons, we are not publishing the exact logic behind this detection system. After all, you don’t want to give the bad guys too much information.

Fan type overview

Configure challenge importance

Not each challenge requires the same level of engagement of a fan. If we, for example, compare a sweepstake with a video challenge, then it’s clear that the barrier to entry for the latter is much higher. In our opinion, it would be fair to give a fan points based on the barrier to entry. So they will earn more points in a video challenge than a sweepstake challenge.

For all our challenge types we set a default weight based on the level of engagement that is needed by the user, but feel free to change this weight. You can do this in your challenge under Advanced > Fan Weight.

Your fans will be sorted by fan score in the fans overview, so this will give you an overview of which fans are most engaging.

Do you have any thoughts on the new feature?