When you only have 5 to 10 seconds to grab your visitor’s attention, you need to ask yourself how you can make that happen.  When you are trying to communicate and generate interest in your products, will images serve that purpose?  They may be an effective tool for attracting attention, if they are of superior quality to what you might normally see on any of a hundred different websites.  Images alone will not keep your visitor’s interest unless they offer a compelling reason to click through.  This can be difficult to accomplish with a static image.

If you want to avoid the expense of obtaining the high-quality images that can be most effective, you may have another alternative that offers a lower cost of production while still being exciting and interesting to your potential customer.  This is the world of video testimonials and this form of communication can bring more depth and personality to your website.

There are a number of really good reasons why adding video communication to your website will engage, intrigue and motivate your internet customer.

Authentic video testimonials increase Consumer Trust

Many larger businesses today are seeing a big drop off in their customer’s loyalty to their brand.  The problem may lie with a lost sense of trust.  Many times customers will find the online testimonials pages to be disingenuous so oftentimes they are completely overlooked.  At the same time, social media is seeing rising levels of trust for products and interactions that take place there.  This could be related to the more personal nature of social media and how consumers trust what previous customers tell them about their experiences.  Social media means honest interactions to most of us.  Live video is always viewed as being more authentic than anything written or shown in pictures.  

Consumer Connection

Connecting with your potential customers on an emotional level can be difficult to accomplish in the 5 seconds you have to capture their attention once they land on your site.  No matter what the SEO strategy you may have in place, it could all be for naught if you fail to engage with them in that short time frame.  The emotional connection video creates means a more comfortable interaction, which will then encourage a bit more “lingering” on your site.  Live video also increases credibility and trust in your company and product and makes your visitor feel as if they are seeing the “real” you or your “real” customers.

Lower Cost

If you make a large investment in a professional advertising campaign and your potential client does not believe what they are seeing, that money could have been spent with very little return for the investment.  Videos are simple, practically free in many cases, and the information relayed is much more trustworthy when it is coming directly from the mouth.  It is also possible to let your customer create their own testimonials which means an even lower budget for advertising.  It will also free up your valuable time to focus on growing your business.

Video can find a perfect home on your social media sites too.  When these videos are upbeat and positive, chances are good that they will be shared and liked.  This will lead to more referrals from the people who have already had a positive experience in their dealing with you.  When people are happy, they tell other people.  This is how video can create fans for your brand.

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